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{things i may have said} {those people who adore me} {what happened?} {i am awesome} [photos] {!sdrawkcab} {!sdrawkcab} {onward!} {onward!}
{more?} - {about the total agony of being in love}
perhaps they all start in the same place
sitting out in park in old port
emo --> into coffee shop
hXc --> into dark alley [drugs]
sweet --> into ice cream parlor
awkward --> repeated meeting, then phone numbers

reason for meeting
awkward: eye contact... repeated meetings at the same place. They make eye contact over and over again. eventually becca just asks her her name/to hang out. They go to the movies. exchange phone numbers

  -eat pizza
  -sunset-y thing
  -alley {scared, perhaps?}
  -parking garage

sappy: Becca walks up to Zoe and invites her to go eat ice cream....


Becca eventually becomes abusive {physically? emotionally?}

{where i wish i was}: electric chair BZZZZZZ!
{today's sound effect}: contemplative purrrkmmmm
{today's sound track}: Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Song of Blue

{don't tease me about my hobbies}